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KE10 - Strut advice - Directed towards non high performance base


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Hey Everyone,

I have been meandering through previous threads and come across a general opinion.

A lot of advice on suspension setup for these KE1x is geared/directed towards "high performance". I'm wondering if there is straight swaps for the struts on the front and rear that wont lower, raise stiffen etc the ride but rather keep it as intended by Toyota. I'm in the process of lookin at struts and the only ones i seem to be able to find are Pedders. (listed below)

Front Shocks

8778 Pedders Cartridge

Rear Shock

8032 Pedders Shock Absorber  

Rear Shackle Bushes / Kits



  I was quoted 560 just in parts, which seems a bit excessive. does anyone know of a better alternative?   Regards F1

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#8778's have been a nil stock part number at peders for 10+ years. Oh and until feb they only have one #8716 (ke20) in the aus warehouse too.

The rear shocks work well.

Been playing on my front-end lately. Best off keeping an eye on the other thread I'll be posting what ive done there. Are you planning on keeping the transverse leaf?

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Dam, i must have gotten a worker who didn't know his own job unfortunately. Yeah I don't plan on changing anything really the front leaf doesn't bother me. The car will be driven very cruisey and wont be put under stress at all so it shouldn't cause any problems really. 

You wouldn't happen to know what battery they take do you haha?

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