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Blusteele HEAVY DUTY Clutch Kit for Toyota Corolla KE10 reviews/opinions?


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I replaced the 4K clutch a few years back & one day it developed a bad shudder. Pulling it out showed that one of the thin spring-steel fingers had broken and moved sideways to sit jammed up on the next finger by the next rivet.  This gave a bulge in the plate.

So I went to Brake & Clutch locally & they sold me an Exedy kit, the only type available.  It ran for a month or two and then slipped!

I rigged a weight system on a drill press to see how many Kg it took to push in the pressure plate & found the new one only had 2/3 the pressure of the old. Brake & Clutch were not interested, and I fitted the old pressure plate to the new clutch plate... Still going strong...

So some new stuff is not all that good, don't throw out the old clutch.

clutch kit comparison.jpg

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