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Spent 12 bucks at the wreckers today and got a newer tps, a new looking water temp sender and a new temp gauge sender.  Also got a handful of air temp sensors to plug in and see how they go.  Stopped at a different repco and got a pair of hoses to chop up for the top and rear rad hoses.

Was an interesting 5efe import Tercel.  Couple of Taragos with F diffs installed, one F282 and one F292.

One rwd Toyota car only, the king of econoboxes, the st141.

Couldnt find a throttle cable for the thing either.


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Pile of wrecker parts.


Corroded nipple from rear fitting that was tie wired on.


Back of the head where the outlet was.


Inside the outlet passage



The reworked rear of head fitting.


Thew thermostat cover including the fan switch sensor.


The car in nice evening light.


The new top hose that doesnt go up higher than the motor or radiator top tank.  Also includes a bleed point.

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I have the following bits on order.

New Aisin waterpump with rear housing.

New WT sensor.

New inlet and exhaust manifold gaskets.

New Throttle body gasket.

New rear water fitting gasket.

New Bottom radiator hose.

I need Teddy to help with the ignition stuff, its impossible otherwise, since it all has to come from Toyota Japan.

I would love a map sensor part number 89420-20170 if anyone has one lying around.  Thats from the st170 fwd corona with 4sfe that the ecu is from.

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