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K Series Rolla Spares



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Hi All,            

Many Rollaclub members, particularly those here in S.E. Queensland, would know Corollandy in Caloundra.  Many like myself, over the years, have travelled to Caloundra, to look over the vast array of early K series Rolla spare parts, he has gathered under his house.

Andy is a muso, and worked gigs at weekends, but during the week, bought & sold cars, & stripped olde Rollas, & sold the parts.  There wasn’t much Andy doesn’t know about Rollas.  He, like many of us, has had a passion for Rollas.

I bought my very first 5K engine from him, years ago, and he has been most helpful to a lot of members on this forum, over the years, in obtaining parts they needed.

Due to circumstances totally beyond Andy’s control, he now has to relinquish all the remaining Rolla spares at his house at Caloundra.  There is some urgency about this, & they all have to be gone by the end of January (this month).  Anything left at the end of the month, will unfortunately be going to the tip, unless a Rollaclub enthusiast, has the means & space to take over any remaining items, so that this valuable spares resource is not lost forever.

If there is a Rollaclub member in the Sunshine Coast area, that could visit Andy in the next week, & look over the spares, & make a general listing, or a series of photos, to post here, that would be great.

If not, I may travel up from Brisbane in the coming days, & take some pics myself, and post here on this thread etc.

These are some of the items I know Andy has at present . . .

Corolla ke36 or ke38 wagon or panel van parts. 4 side windows ,windscreen and a set of tailgate hinges (very rare. ).

Corolla ke30 2 door sedan 1975 will 1976 for side windows windscreen and two tail lights.

Corolla ke35/ 55 coupe 1975 to 1981 parts for side windows to windscreens and front seat belts

I believe Andy has a Rolla panel van for sale also.

Any parts purchased would have to be picked up by the buyer, at Caloundra.

I suggest anyone, wanting to assist Andy, or in need of some spares, contact Andy directly by text, on his mobile phone on

O, four, one, 1, three, 2,7, four, 6, zero.  Andy is not on the forum often at present, so please don’t post questions or queries here, on this thread.

I must emphasize that there is some urgency about this, as in 3 weeks, whatever is left, will have to be disposed of at the tip, & that would be a real shame.

Cheers Banjo  

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