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4AGTE 71 KE25 almost finished project

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Time to say goodbye to my never finished KE25.

This will be sold with no rego or roadworthy.

Details (as best as I can remember them)

10/71 Toyota Corolla Ke25

Engine: 4AGTE engine installed 12 years ago.  No idea on the k's it's done but I can't imagine I've done more than 70,000 as I have never driven it regularly.  Over the last few years it has been driven once a month at best due to it being too loud to start in the morning (i have kids and leave for work at 5am).

Engine Management: Adaptronic - tuned in adelaide by Fours n More.  Unknown HP as I can't remember.

Turbo: Garrett T2808

Brakes: Magna vented discs up front with ke35 hubs - Nissan TRX bluebird rear discs

Gearbox: W57 5 speed.

Clutch: NPK button clutch - 2 years old, less than 3000k's on it i would say.

Diff: Nissan 120Y diff, always planned to replace it when it blew but it never did.

interior : TE27 tacho dash that has been modded to accept signal from Adaptronic, Cobra bucket seats re trimmed many moons ago, plus roof lining replaced around 2008.


- front left damaged from when I was young and didn't check that the person I was working with had tightened the wheels after replacing the wheel bearing and it hit the planet while reversing out of the driveway.

- There is a dent on the roof near the front windscreen, no idea where or when it happened.  Just noticed it one day.  Surprisingly no scratch just a dent.

- hole in car around gearstick, never fixed it after putting in the supra gearbox.

- no speedo except for the jaycar one that i dodgied up while I was an apprentice in Adelaide and because it worked I never fixed the dash one. 


PRICE: $5500

Contact: [email protected]

or here














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Members dont see this ad

Which adaptronic ecu has it got?  C or D type?  Also, this car is pretty awesome.

Whats your location?

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Adaptronic e420c

Located Brisbane, south side.

Will be sad to see it go but would love to see it finished and overtaking me one day.

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Would be an awesome little rocket with a little tidy up. Good luck with the sale, shouldn't be around too long at that price.

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