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K50 into 5k Ka67 Carina? Manual Swap.


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Hey guys just recently brought my 1987 Ka67 AUTOMATIC Toyota Carina for a steal. 

Its running a 5k 3 speed automatic box and was curious to see if a k50 manual would bolt up to it?  

If so, what pedal box can i use to operate the clutch which was never there? 

I know its not a corolla, but i thought I'd give it a shot, sick of the crummy auto box already! Cheers! 


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Here's a picture of the current two pedal box, sorry its a bit dark. I was hoping a ke70 or even a Corona Pedal box would mount up with little modification. Kp60 definitely wouldn't work as the pedal arm for the clutch wouldn't clear the steering shaft from the wheel to the rack(unsure of what term to use here lol having a blank) 


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3 hours ago, altezzaclub said:

The KE70 just tacks a clutch onto the side of the brake pedal mounting, and the clutch pedal arm has a massive bow in it to get down past the steering just like the brake arm.

So you're saying a modded ke70 box would work? I'm just over thinking this  probably, just need to get in there and buy one

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9 hours ago, Jono.C said:

You’ll probably need to pull it out for comparison to know what you’re looking at


Aren’t the carina based on a corona platform so an st141/ rt142 pedalbox May be the closest? Although they are hydraulic. 

Yeah thats what i reckon, or so I've heard. I'll get it legal before i rip it to bits, its going for a warrant this week so after that I'll rip the kent out! 

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9 hours ago, altezzaclub said:

That looks like a stock KE70 pedal setup.

Here's my 5K manual setup, converted from auto also.


Here's my other KE70, pedals from an AE71 so it is hydraulic for the T50. Quite different, but bolts straight in.


Yeah so I'm guessing I'd need to go t series tranny and hydraulic clutch setup by the looks of that, 

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