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[SOLD] Sydney: Corolla: KE26 5-door wagon shell, suit restoration

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I've owned this car for maybe 12 years ish and been meaning to do something with it but haven't made it a priority for way too long. No pics right now but

* not currently driveable
* all glass intact
* interior fairly good; I think a previous owner had replaced the carpet
* needs paint
* a few rust bubbles
* a tired 3K that I think was having cooling problems when I last drove it
* 4k-e EFI bits (not fitted)
* Haltech E6K + loom (not fitted; used to be in Dave LaMaitre's racecar and is setup for 3SGTE)
* 4x 13x5.5" 4x110 5-slot wheels (one badly dented but probably repairable)
* 4x 13x6" 4x110 5-slot wheels (good cond)
* k50 5-speed (but when I had it transported to Sydney recently the tailshaft and rear gearbox crossmember inexplicably disappeared, NFI what the hell happened there)
* 1970-1975 Corolla master parts catalog (all models — this book is a goldmine of info! over 2000 pages)
* Haynes 1970-1974 Corolla manual

I need it gone fairly soon to help us downsize in prep for relocating overseas.

$1500 for the lot, OBO. I haven't seen another one of these on the road in many years. I'd much rather someone else take it and actually try to do something good with it than send it to scrap. Send a PM if you're keen.

(also posted on Toymods)

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