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2 door KE30


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Had this car for a while now and slowly getting there. It came with the green backyard paint job, jellybeans, threaded bolts, wheel well half full of water and spaghetti wiring amoungst other stuff. Needed a bit of tidy-up. Ive had a few 4 doors over time and managed to hang onto a few bits which went into this car. I bought a written off AE82 twincam and did the conversion. I rebuilt and installed an AE86 front end still with ADM calipers. Its not quick but I like the 4AGE. Grant from NZ did the interior, He's a legend. I love the styling of 70's 2 door OZ fords, Holdens, Chargers so I like my rollas to look ADM if that makes any sense.

Theres been a few guys on this site that have helped me with info and cheap parts - cheers

short term plans -

Dash Refurb in coming weeks

new carpet

I have steering issues but have parts to fix so need to sort that.

Think engine mounts might need replacing (ford laser)

Thinking of putting rubber bushes back in the rear suspension, rear end creeks

Longer term plans -

I have SSR meshies 16 x 7 fronts and 16 x 8 rears that will go on ( everyone rolls eyes but hey, its my car ). I also have some Aussie delta 13x7 that I'm refurbishing. The MK1's will go on my other Corolla.

T18 diff

Redo the wiring in the engine bay

spare 4AGE that I will rebuild at some stage with a little more poke. I don't know much about engines so might aswell have a go and learn something new.

Respray entire car, have XB side mirrors mirrors I bought to throw on at that stage if it suits.








wheel 2.jpg


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22 minutes ago, oh what a nissan feeling! said:

That is pretty awesome, keep the updates coming as you work on it, looks great in those pics.  

cheers. I bought a  passenger door off you a while back and you gave me a few door cards aswell which I ended up giving to Grant in NZ. Took me for a drive, love your car. Ive been following your build thread for a couple of years and always look forward to updates.

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Finally got around to installing the refurbished dash that I got back a few weeks ago. From when I did the conversion I had the ECU check engine light dangling off a cable hanging under the dash. Ive been wanting to have the check engine light in the dash under the park brake light but looking stock. I bought some 3mm translucent amber perspex. Did all the cutting on my triton table saw so that the lens would be recessed. I sanded the top of the perspex with 600 grit to take the shine off and no longer see thru. Filed the notches out for mounting and used a soldering iron to melt the pre existing tabs in the dash facia to hold in the perspex in. Reworked the PCB on the cluster to suit so I could use the stock dash bulb and location. It doesn't look 100% stock but it will do.

I cleaned all dash components with a toothbrush and dish washing liquid. Even pulled the fins out of the vents. 40+ years of dirt and grime. time consuming but worth it.

I also replaced the $20 dollar Nardi copy with a genuine one the family bought me for last xmas.






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