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Before i started the latest rebuild of the race car I bought myself a small AC/DC 180amp Tig welder, through out the build I knew I would requiring some Tig welding for some stainless and aluminium fabrication.

I was sick of paying I stupid money for even the smallest of welding jobs, it seems like anytime a fabricator whips out the welder its a minimum $100 even for a 2 minute job.

Anyway this post is about the fabrication of a custom catch can, now my Tig DC welding skills are average at best and my AC ally skills are crap, but after a bit of practice I was ready to try and fab myself a catch can.

 I used 2mm ally sheet, cut out using a jigsaw and bent up with a pan brake.


I have found I got way better results when the fit up is perfect, you could almost fusion weld if there is no gap.


Tacked the main box and one side...


Once each side had a tack on it and I was happy with the positioning I started to weld it up, I welded about 3 inches at a time alternating sides. Ally gets hot really quickly and retains heat a lot more than steel and I don't have foot pedal to able to adjust the amps on the fly.


This is what happens when you dab you tungsten in your weld pool, I tend to do this a lot, a pain in the ass, you have to clean your work and resharpen the tungsten.






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One side completely welded.


I wanted 2 inlets initially but then ended up with needing 3, I bought some 1" mandrel bends to direct the oily fumes directly to the bottom of the tank and welded them in place.



Next I added a plate to help separate the oil from the air evacuating from the tank via 1.5" outlet, I have drilled a heap of holes in this plate and will also have some Stainless Steel Wool sitting on top to further help separation. It got super tricking getting the Tig torch inside the tank to weld this but I got some good welds in order to keep it in place. I only bought two 90 degree bends for the inlets, so I cut a piece of tube at a 45 for the last inlet, not ideal but it will do.


welded the last side on, also the 3 -10 an inlet fittings and the outlet, all that left is the drain, brackets to attach it to the car and a quick clean up and polish.






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Great work!

Drill the inner guard and put a hose on the filter so its out of the engine bay, they always make a mess.

We bought a Kemppi briefcase recently, one of the Miniarcs, but we haven't tried the TiG option yet. It certainly looks good for projects like this.

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Excellent work !  Ideal placement up in that back RH corner, but then with the Nessian in the bay, there ain't too many other places you could put it.

Nik of "Project Binky" would be proud of you.  Did you make a cardboard cut out, & use it as a test box, to make sure it fitted in the space OK ?  That's what Project Binky do all the time.

Cheers Banjo

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