WTB- Programmable ignition

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On 12/5/2018 at 1:54 PM, Banjo said:

Here is another video you might enjoy, on subject !

Just got a sec to watch this, what a great video! Love that bus, and he has me convinced about EFI!


Thanks for having a look through reviews, I couldn't find too many except that the VW guys seem to love the black box. I'm going to order one now, it should come after Christmas.

One quick question--I need to draw vacuum for the MAP sensor. I currently have one runner (i.e. one throat) on the manifold tapped for vacuum for the brake booster. Would this be an OK source for MAP vacuum, or does it pulse too much being just one cylinder? CB also sell these kits: but if I need to tap the other cylinders I think I'd rather pay a little less and just do it myself.




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Hi Jasper,

                 I've always found the response for the MAP sensor is better directly off the inlet manifold, than from the port on the Aisin carby.

I've only ever connected it the vacuum line to one inlet runner, & never had a pulsing issue.

You can dampen out any pulsing, a bit, by narrowing the hose at one point, or inserting a bit of metal tube in the vacuum rubber line, which will create a small length of line with a small ID.

Looking forward to your thoughts on the Back Box, when you get it.

Cheers Banjo

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