Air Conditioning in KE3X - KE5X Corollas

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Another steamy Summer already in Queensland, and a boy's thoughts turn to . . . . .  Air Conditioning.  I know, some KEs had A/C factory fitted as standard.  However, my KE30 2 door sedan, was not one of them, as originally with a 2 speed auto, & a 3K engine, it would never have got up hills, whilst the A/C was on. (It probably even had trouble getting up hills without the A/C on)

My better half always complains, when it is hot & sticky, . . . . "can you put A/C in this car ?"  My standard answer, is  . . .  "It already has A/C, just wind the windows down, to start it up."

Unfortunately, that retort, is starting to "run thin", so as I have a 5K going into it soon, I thought maybe it might not be that hard to retro-fit A/C.

Now I don't want to go find an olde KE Rolla, that had A/C, & pull everything off, & swap it over, as a compressor that olde, would be pretty cactus, & not worth reconditioning.

Modern auto compressors, I would hope, would be a lot more efficient, & more plentiful.

So my question is this . . .

Has anyone on here, successfully retro fitted an A/C system into their KE Rolla, that originates from a "modern car" (<10years old around 1.5 - 2.0 litre) ?

There is plenty of room down on the front of the installed 5K Rolla engine, to fit the compressor, with good access. A compressor mounting bracket could easily be fashioned, I would think, & there are two (2) mounting points on the block, similar to the alternator mounting on the opposite side of the engine.

So if anyone has done this, please post & provide some details, as I'm not interested in "reinventing the wheel", if someone has been through the exercise previously.

P.S.  Now the 5K engine I have, probably came out of a Toyota forklift or similar, as it had three (3) pulley grooves, on the crankshaft pulley.  One for the alternator, & two for power steering pump & some sort of hydraulic pump; so an A/C should not be too hard on it.

Cheers Banjo



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My 5k had some sort of pump on the rhs of yhe engine so brackets are around that could be adapted.

I'll try and get a rough measurment of a Cruze compressor at work for you


Actually, OEX  list a rebuilt compressor and clutch in their catledog for a KE30/35

Part number crd6093 & cxx003

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Thanks Kevin,

                         Good pics !  So what car make & model car did the compressor you used originate from ?  Seems to fit well, & just what I'm looking for.

Cheers Banjo

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