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workhorse 1984 AE71 - $500

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Daily driver with many battle scars.  I've had it for a bunch of years and it has variously been lowered, weber'd etc but it's completely stock these days.
It was a daily driver until recently when the motor gave up the ghost.  Symptoms indicate that a blown head gasket is the most likely problem.  It's still driveable but not long term.
The chassis has 300,000+ km on it, but the motor has already been replaced once (at $50, a new secondhand motor was cheaper than a set of gaskets!).
I installed Jaycar high energy ignition kits on all my old cars, and this one has one.  Brilliant!! never need to adjust points!
Let's call it a kill switch .. you can just see it nestled in where the radio was.I'll include a spare motor I bought a few years ago for this very occasion .. I was told that it had "recently ish" had new rings etc.  It will swap straight over but I have neither the time nor the inclination these days.

I will include all the spares/bits I've accumulated through the years .. from memory:

  • 32 DIR weber downdraft complete with adapter plate for the 4AC (this was a pretty decent mod)
  • Two 32/36 weber downdrafts - one was part way through a rebuild before something else became a higher priority. 
  • OEM carb that "most likely" works okay (I don't remember whether I've actually ever used it).
  • Short stroke rear shocks + a complete set of chopped springs from, when I was working out what would be a good rate/length.  I always intended to get Industrial Springs to make me some custom ones based on these as they're damn near perfect for a well handling but stull useful AE71.
  • The bits that can be seen missing from the dash in the photos.
  • Various other bits and pieces .. there's a spare head complete with rocker cover, cam, a distributor, a couple of distributor caps etc

I'll most likely remove the headunit and parcel shelf speakers before it goes, so they're not included in the price.

Currently registered until 7th June.

It'll also go on gumtree in the next couple of days.

cheers :)




















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