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Marks TE71 hardtop


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Hey, Mark here from NZ. I have a new project which i thought would interest some rolla people. 

A bit of back story...  So i've had a ke70 1.3 SR coupe (jdm fastback 4k auto, 6" diff) since 2001 which was a daily + drift hack for many years running a 3tgte, w57 and kaaz 7.5" 2way in it's final guise (2013).  Probably have seen that on the interwebs via club-k or garage3tc/3tcgarage and other forums or my website toycrazy.net and youtube user toycrazynz.  It has succumbed to cancer finally because it wasn't always garaged (my bad).  rust in the seams, sills, not alot holding the rear 1/4's and tail gate on.  So I'm re shelling it.  The last few years i've been busy with property renovations, building a new shed, got married etc so car play was on hold.
Took a while to find but, have sourced a TE71 hardtop shell suitable to continue on with some track duties and get back into drift.  Unfortunately it's an unfinished project but not out of my abilities.  Will just take longer.

The car is a jdm 1981 TE71 GT Sprinter hardtop.  Pics from previous owner Alec on his new wheels at the time.



Somewhat rare these days to see one with the 'OK computer' option.   The early spec Sprinter front end had been exchanged to early corolla by a previous owner.  The project didn't come with the front trim though, or tail lights.   Or the original 2tgeu & t50.   Alec stripped it to a bare shell with a bunch of mates, and were converting the whole suspension and drivetrain to ta63 GT-T Carina.  They got as far as mounting up the F code IRS and had it back on it's wheels.  There's a little work to get that finished off.  Pic from previous conversion progress.


He also built a half cage which is a bonus.  The car came with a bunch of ta63 front suspension too but that won't be going in.  It's also been media blasted to unhide any rust that an 80's corolla was bound to have!  Some showing on the A pillars, lower rad support, rear wheel arches and some small areas.  Nothing a session with the TIG can't fix.
So this is how it sits currently awaiting further work.  Here's hoping sooner rather than later..


The goal:
Complete the IRS conversion, fit an LSD.
Patch all rust, panel and paint it back to looking externally stock with facelift corolla front swap. (vinyl side stripe, wing mirrors etc).
Swap over the 3tgte running gear from the ke70, install the ae86 BC BR Gold front coilovers as well as the modified crossmembers and rack steering.
Find out if an original efi fuel tank will fit back in or find alternative solution. mount pump, tweak fuel lines and install rest of efi systems.
Finish the 3" exhaust which stopped at the diff previously.
Re fit the interior from front seats forwards.
Get it back together.
Do skids

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The ke70 heart donor circa 2012.  (one of my favourite pics)


I don't have many engine bay pics, this from 2011. Parts need a good tidy up before transferring to the te71 as it's a bit hori.

headlight out for extra psshhht.  finishing off some tyres...


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cheers, man i miss having a thrash!  couple more ke70 3tgte vids below for ya with a bit of a cameo.

Family has happened unfortunately for the corolla's. 
but little by little, getting new shed fitted out, finding bits and peices required for the various builds. 
Currently knocking together a rotiseree for the hardtop 🙂


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