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The time has come to part ways with my Rolla,

1967 ke10. Had it about 10 years and spent more then Id like to admit on it over the time.

Bored and ported 5k with webber carb - done about 2 years ago, custom wheels, 10 years ago it had a bare metal respray, diff was redone about 10 years ago, 5 speed manual gearbox, ke70 front brake upgrade, electric fan, vh44 brake booster, new starter motor when the new motor was put in about 2 years ago, h4 globes, interior was redone about 3 years ago....... the list goes on.

selling as I never use it and it just sits there as I don't have a lot of spare time anymore to appreciate it. Car deserves to go to someone who will use it and appreciate it like I used to.

what is needs: needs a tune - a bit of a flat spot down low in first gear but hasn't been tuned in a year. There is a crack in the paint to the front right quarter panel around the indicator. Rego has just run out so will need to be registered. I can provide a pink slip if needed no worries.

First one to come with 6k will buy it. I am planning on listing it on Lloyds if I can't find a buyer in the next week or 2.

Absolute steal for 6k.

Number plate is now 67 Rola

** More images to come over the next day or so



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