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KE70 corolla Street / Race / Rally / Drift project car

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KE70 corolla Street / Race / Rally project car

$1000 without seats
$1500 with new bucket seats and harnesses
$500 for new bucket seats and mounting kit and harnesses
Must bring car trailer or tow truck.
Stock car from factory, one owner for most of its life.
Bought as a clean car as possible for a project car base.
4kc Motor
250k approx
4 DR
Project progress:
Search for best car available
Inspect, service and test drive
Strip interior and tar with dry ice, then paint floor in matching red colour
Fit ADR bucket seats, mounting kit and 4 point harnesses
Fit csx 13" alloy wheels to allow wider performance tyres 
Fit electric fuel pump
Fit new steering wheel
Nothing else has been modified, removed or pulled apart as far as I know.
4kc motor was removed to build a "monster k motor" with no expense spared,
but that will be listed separately for sale, engine bay wires etc were well tagged.
Windscreen needs replacement but they are cheap and easy to swap out,
maybe a few other small issues for a car of that age but you wont find
many in this condition and care.
I would rather not sell and complete this car but have other cars to complete.
This car has much the same base as an AE86 and so many aftermarket parts
can be used to upgrade this car including motor, gearbox, suspension, brakes
and diff sometimes with small modifications to suit. Also engine conversion
and gearbox kits are available for a few other motors. 
This is a very light car at approx 900kg, rear wheel drive, easy to work on and simple.
Parts are cheap and it is easy to build this into what you want. Very difficult to
buy any recent cars that are the right platform to build something up like this.
This is an ideal car platform to build what you want Street / Race / Rally / Drift
^^^This is the listing on ebay obviously rolla members know all the good stuff about ke70's already!










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Car is on Brisbane Northside and looking to make some space for a new project soon. This is an excellent base to start with and great condition considering its age. Comes with brand new saas adr bucket seats fully fitted and 4 point clip in harnesses which were about a grand. No rego or roady but was registered before doing work on it.


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Sorry actually sold the interior and the guy never paid up which was a bit rough. The plan was to make 4 door cards and a rear seat panel out of an aluminum sheet and paint em black for quick removal if needed but never got to it.


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