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Fuel sender - KE 38/55

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Does anyone know if eBay or the likes do a new fuel sender or a refurb kit or the likes for A KE38/55 fuel sender ??? 

Mines not cutting the mustard.....



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Members dont see this ad

Can you adapt one of these $50 ones??


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Sometimes they will respond to a little TLC.  But that winding looks pretty cactus doesn’t it

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Fuel Level Sensor/Sendors are a pain, when they get old & wear through the resistance wire, as yours has. 

Basically you don't have too many options, as I've never been able to find an aftermarket one, specifically for the KE30/35/55 Rollas.

They were never perfectly linear in operation to start with, so if looking for an alternative, then the angle of movement from dead empty to completely full, is the issue.

I bought one, cheap off ebay once, that was suitable for a Toyota Supra, but could never get the linearity correct.  Maybe, an electronic adaptor could correct this, but I never went that far.

Temperature guage & Fuel guage issues, in the same car, can often be the result of a damaged or U/S voltage regulator, as both guages use the same low voltage regulator.

In some Rollas it is 7 volt, others 8 volt, & I think I came across one that was 9 volt.  There is even one early one, that uses an electro-mechanical regulator.  I put in an external 9V regulator years ago, & it solved all my guage problems.

Corolla Guage Issues Link

Any time, I've ever come across an old Corolla, with the fuel tank still on-board, I've whipped the fuel sender out. Out of about 3-4 attempts, I've only retrieved one, that was any good; which now sits on my shelf, awaiting the day, the one in my KE30 eventually fails.

But don't throw away your complete fuel sensor from the tank.  If the resistance winding is worn out, but the pivot arrangement is still reliable & works, it may still be useful, by fitting a special Hall Effect IC, & an associated magnet, so that the original guage can be used.

The following article describes it.

Hall Effect IC used for Fuel Guage Sensor

Might have a play one Saturday afternoon, when it's raining !

Cheers Banjo 


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