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Ke70 XX, the hoonicorn, for sale

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A fine example of an original KE70 XX, although I have fitted twin SU carbs and a cam. My wife's daily for years, she now has an X-Trail and I have my own KE70, so the gold one must go. Rego'd to next June, fully reliable with electronic ignition. Can be seen anywhere from Orange, where it lives, to Armidale, where I drive often. Can drive to Lithgow to meet Sydneysiders, or come and enjoy Orange for the day! The interior is excellent, an uncracked dash, seats un-torn, I'll get more photos tomorrow.

The dent in the bonnet is where a tree branch fell off the truck in front of the previous owner, otherwise it just has minor dings from incompetent drivers over the years.
Story is here-

Hoonicorn A.jpg

Hoonicorn B.jpg


Price is $3300.

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Hurry!  offer made already off Gumtree...

Thanks for the swift response am 100% keen to buy this Car, Am buying it for my lovely Son who just graduated on top of his class in Australia national university (ANU) ,he studied Business Law and Professional Ethics Minor and am so proud of him . I want it as a surprise package to appreciate him towards his achievement and to be delivered before my arrival NT as my family lives in NT
I work in a Military. We do not have access to receive calls at the moment,its 15 days off and 15 days on,which is why I contacted you with internet messaging facility. Where is it located at the moment and why are you selling if you don't mind my asking. I am already in talks with the courier that will handle the pick-up and delivery it in NT.
As regards the payment,   i don't have access to my bank account online as am not with my credit card details here but i have my ANZ bank account link up with my PayPal account so I will be paying you through Account to your nominated bank account or better still is if you have a PayPal account ,please get back to me with your BSB and account details or PayPal account so i can proceed with the payment   And again i have sent some of my co-worker to search this for me so you can see this kind of email so deal with me directly
Await your Response..
Mr Shane Albert


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