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[SOLD] 4AGZE Toyota Corolla 1988 TWINCAM Ae82 AE92 FX GT 4AG 4AGE TWINKY ae86

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Urgent Sale
Due to ilnness in the family, I need to sell my projects
For sale is my Ae82 4agze Corolla FXGT
* Ae82 FXGT Front cut conversion (dash/etc included)
* 4agze turned over with a battery 12 months ago
* Custom role cage
* Momo Bucket seats
* Momo Steering wheel
* Complete - Comes with lots of parts (intercoolers/head/etc)
* Very rare car, with lots of parts
* Has been engineered to have A 4agze in it (previous to new rules)
* All it needs is a blue slip and its ready for rego
* Genuine 59000 K's (has been off the road for a long time in storage/etc)
* Has been featured in fast 4's (A long time ago) - as a TwinCharged 4agzte
* Similar to 4age / ae92 ae82 ae86
* Brand new tyres
* Front bumper is in storage seperately and is in Mint condition (with in-bumper indicator)
* 4>2>1 Extractors & Sports Exhaust (Sounds awesome)
Only weighs 960kg's (Weight Reduction)
* Has been in storage for a LONG time (I've had it 5 years and havnt had it back on the road)
* Very Very Dirty
* Its currently at my autoelectrician who was going to try and get it up and running for me but doesnt have the time.
* I havnt had it running (there is an issue with spark) everything else was working fine when last tested about 12 months ago
Looking for around $5k
Located on the Central Coast, NSW
o4o6 964 729
Shipping (only if you need to):
Full photo database:


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SOLD - Sorry

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