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KE30/55 Horn Steering Wheel Contact Ring


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Hi Folks,

               I've had Rollas for years, & the issue of the horn "not working" is a perennial (enduring or continually recurring) problem.

It always turns out to be the same thing.  The spring pressured brass pin, finally wearing out, until it loses contact with the brass ring on the back of the steering wheel.

I've tried everything over the years, filing the pin down in length, so it's pressure on the plate is minimal.  I've always used an electrical lubricant on the ring, (to stop is squeaking), but after a year or so,  there is no horn. 

Well it did it again last week, & this time, I am determined to find a new way to get the earth/ground connection from the steering wheel to the horn relay, so that it won't do it again.

Previously, I would just remove the ring, & lift it up a bit, by putting three very small washers behind the ring.

Not want to "reinvent the wheel", I'd be interested to hear how anyone else has finally resolved this issue.

I'm considering installing a tiny transmitter inside the steering wheel, that sends a wireless signal, to switch the horn relay.  That way, the steering wheel horn buttons would not need wiring to the car's electrical system at all.  A remote garage door key fob are cheap, & would do the job, & although battery powered, they are only powered when you push the button, & that's not very often. 

Anyone got any better ideas ?

Cheers Banjo


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Well I finally got around to finishing this little project, using a Key Fob & relay board from ebay, that are primarily designed as a "garage door replacement" item, but can find all sorts of other remote control applications.  The Fob battery is a 12V  A12 model, which will last for years.

Just make sure when you order one, that it is either an instantaneous, or momentary model.  You don't want a latching model, that keeps the horn on.  Some of them can be programmed to be either, instantaneous or latching.

Here is one with 2 x Fobs, 2 channel relay board & utility box for AUD 15.00 with free postage.


The cheapest way, is by using a single channel/relay model, but I used a 2 channel, 2 relay one, where I paralleled the two (2) off N.O. relay contacts together, as well as the two push buttons on the Fob PCB, to make it super reliable.

This is what it finished up looking like, inside the "horn bar" removable section, of the steering wheel.  Bit of "blue tack" to keep all the wiring in place, & the Fob PCB is low enough profile, that is sits nicely in the steering wheel horn bar, with a bit of thick double sided tape.



There is no wiring at all between the horn buttons & transmitter, to the car wiring, completely eliminating the horn ring contact & the spring loaded pin.

The little relay board is simple fitted inside a small plastic utility box, sold by Jaycar / Altronics etc.

There is only three wires coming out of the utility box..  Ground which is connected anywhere convenient to the car's frame.  A permanent unswitched & fused 12 volt supply.  The N.O. contact of the little relay board is connected to the "switched" horn wire, which can be accessed in the loom, on the plug, right at the base of the steering column. Most Rollas don't have a horn relay, & the horn button contacts switch the full horn current.  Although the N.O. contact of the little relay board, depicted above, are usually rated for 10A, it might be wise to have that relay switch an automotive 30A relay up close to the horn/s proper, so there is no high current at all flowing through the little relay board & it's printed circuit board tracks, in case you get a short circuit at some time, in the horn circuitry.

Works like a charm, & so happy, to have finally got rid of that "troublesome" horn contact ring, altogether.

If anyone, is enticed to do similar, & needs some help, then send me a PM, & I'll do a sketch of the simple wiring options, & send it to them.

Cheers Banjo


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