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Same as any old motor...   More air in, more air out, more fuel in and more advance to set fire to it earlier..  How much do you want to spend??

A porting job to make sure the air can flow in easily. Look at oldskewltoy's posts here and all over the web to see what he does. You don't have to do it all, just learn about which parts are important without hogging the ports out larger. Get 10 or 20thou skimmed off the head to raise the compression.

A bigger cam to get top-end airflow, at the expense of low-end torque if you go big enough.

A bigger carb setup to flow more fuel and air.  A Weber or SUs or bike carbs..

A set of extractors and a bigger exhaust system to get the air out.

A play with the timing to make sure you are getting the most out of the 98octane you will run it on.

Take a read of the mods I did to The Girls KE70, simple stuff that improved it quite a bit.



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