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Dan T


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Hi all

New member and so far have found the site very cool. I was very lucky enough about two months ago to find myself a one owner 1974 KE20 without rust and a car that was well looked after and always garaged with no rust and log books. I know its the perfect car to leave how it is but I have made the choice to do a 4agze Turbo conversion, iam based in Picton NSW about 1hr south west of Sydney and was hoping someone could recommend a shop or someone out my way to do the conversion for me. this would mean the whole car diff, suspension , gearbox, engine conversion , I have a motor already built but that's all I won't the car built properly with the best setup possible and trying to not butcher the car so one day I can return it back to standard. any names and numbers would be much appreciated I will keep the whole process updated on hear as the build moves along.

cheers everyone in advance and best wishes for the new year.





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What a great looking car!

I am in the UK doing much the same with my KE20 and I have decided to go for a mildly tuned small port 4AGE standard engine swap which will give me around 160BHP. For a car weighing only 800 kilos that plenty of power in terms of a power to weight ratio.

Be interested to hear how you get on and the mods you decide to go for.


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Thanks mate !

its time to start I just finished gathering all my parts so its time to start pulling it apart. there will be pics part up as I go.

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