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KE20 Front Suspension Cross Member

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Looking for a front suspension cross member to allow me to repair some damage to my current one.

Anyone have one that they would be willing to sell and ship to the UK?



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I’m literally pulling one out right now snd swapping the TE27 one in. Other than coming in for a cuppa.

It would be hellishly expensive to post. Sure yours can’t just be welded?  Damage can’t be too bad, they are usually covered in oil. 

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I caught the top of a dropped bollard that had not been lowered properly on a private road going to a car club meeting. It seems to have clipped the front and pull it back, though on the face of it looks more like superficial damage than 'structural'.

It seems that the metal is really quite flimsy and I was not going fast at the time.

Car still drives fine with no pulling when braking or any apparent steering issues.

My car is in near 'mint' condition and I would like to keep it as original as possible.

I have sourced a chassis complete with running gear intact but the buyer is asking in excess of £1500 which is silly money.

I hope to get my newly built 4AGE fitted later in the year so may try and deal with it then when the engines out.

I'll post a picture when I next get it up on a lift.


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