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ke20/25 swaybar

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Hello. Did the ke20/25 come with different styles of swaybar?   I have a ke25 that I'm installing a 2tg into, and it has a straight swaybar and it seems extremly tight fit.    Had the same engine in a ke20 some years ago with a different swaybar that cleared the oil pan easy.. Do i need to change my swaybar or modify it?   Anyone with ke2x with 2t and straight swaybar that knows if it will fit with some fiddling?

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My recollection is that you can use a TA22 swaybar which is obviously designed for a T engine. Can’t comment on width. I have a TE27 bar but haven’t compared it to a KE25 bar. 

Should be able to pick up a standard TA22 bar easily and cheaply. Try the Aus 1st gen Celica forum on FB

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