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Looking for ke26 wagon side fixed window rubbers


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Hi everyone dan here from vic sth east I’ve got a ke26 4 door wagon I’m slowly slowly building up just like my dad had when I was younger it was red with black ascents and dragway wheels but they only issue I have is I need good condition rear fixed side window rubbers please get in contact 









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Hi Dan,

              Sorry, can't assist with the rubbers.   Wow, I hope you have a respirator or two, as taking all that paint & floor tar off, with stripper, is "bloody" hard yakka.  Hats off to you !

All the best with the build.  Years ago, I was working in a developing country, & I was provided a company vehicle, which was a KE26, just like that, so brings back memories.

Keep the pics coming, as you progress.

Cheers Banjo

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hey dan, 

    I'm busy looking for the same rubbers, i have the front and rears but then rear quarters are like finding gold. 

If i manage to find someone who can custom make at a decent price, i will see if youre still interested. But please PM me if you find any. 



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