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KE55 SE Disc Brake converstion

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G'day guys I'm looking at changing the current drum brakes on my KE55 to a disc brake setup front and rear. any ideas on the best options. DW about price just want a safer and better car for myself on the daily.

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Welcome  Aboard !

Where are you located ?  In Australia,  most KE55s already have disk brakes fitted on the front wheels, with drums on the rear.   The rear drums on the KE30s & earlier models than the KE55, had 7 inch drums, off memory, but the KE55 had 9 inch drums.  I've got a reconditioned BW rear end out of a KE55, already sitting in my garage, awaiting yours truly to swap it into my KE30.  It has 9 inch drums. 

There are numerous ways you can upgrade the front rotors & calipers.  If you search this forum, you'll find several suggestions, which often include replacing the front struts.

If you like to take a couple of pics of your front & rear brakes, with the wheels off, we might be able to give you a few ideas, if what exists is stock standard originals.

P.S.  To be honest, most would agree that  good brakes were not one of early Corollas great features.  However, there are plenty of ways you can improve them, depending on how much you are prepared to spend.    Fitting disks to the rear end is usually not feasible, unless you change out the whole rear end, for something that already has disk brakes.  Unfortunately, that usually results in shortening the rear end width, which can be expensive, as it has to be done professionally.

Cheers Banjo


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