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1971 Corolla Coupe Ke25. 2tg Radiator question

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Giday Rune,

                      Thanks for the pics.  Is that a four poster hoist, you've got your Rolla sitting ?   I wish I had one of them !   

With this "thin" radiator you have found, I presume you are still going to remove that bulky clutch / fan arrangement, & still fit an electric thermofan.

Is the alternator one with an external or internal regulator ?   I thought I spied a box on the engine bay wall, just across from the turbo, that looked like it could be an external regulator ?

If the alternator is the original, that came with the 2TG motor, then it shouldn't be too hard to find a wiring diagram for it, to see where those three (3) wires go to. The other way is to strip the ends of each of them, a little & check the continuity to other wires in the likely places, with the same colour code. 

Is it a Bosch alternator ?  Has it got a model number on it anywhere ?

I suspect it is an alternator, with a built-in regulator, so any wiring diagram, will indicate where those three wires go to.

Charge Warning light ?

Ignition Switch ?

Battery ?

Do a little research, & you should be able to solve it. Start off with the Charge warning light.  That one will be easy, & then that only leaves two (2) off.

Cheers Banjo




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Are those wires yellow/black, yellow/blue & yellow/green??   Are you sure they are alternator wires?

From the KE70 wiring diagram they are ,

yellow/black oil pressure sender

yellow/blue fuel warning light

yellow/green water temperature sender.


Alty wires with external reg are-

Red, alty F to ext reg F

Blue, alty N to ext reg N

White, Alty B to reg B and off to fusebox

White/black, alty E to earth point.


The KE70 may be different, but Toyota were loath to change things. The power to the battery, white, will be a much thicker wire.

Alty wiring.jpg

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Hi Rune,

               This depiction, is probably how your alternator is hooked up.


The battery connection on your alternator is not one of those three (3) light wires.  The battery connection, is the very heavy terminal, just showing in the top of your pic of the alternator connections, with the big "B" next to it.

The three (3) wires, are most likely, the same as the IG (ignition), S (sense battery voltage), & L (light - charge) in the above depiction.

So if you can determine which wire one is the charge light, which shouldn't be too hard, both remaining wires go to the battery.  One via the ignition switch, & one directly to the battery.

That last one, would be connected to the fusible link, which is usually very close to the battery terminal itself.

P.S.   Most of the alternators we have in Australian Rollas, with internal regulators, only have two (2) wires.  The battery sense, is quite often, just connected internally inside the alternator, to the "B" terminal. 

Let us know what you find.

Cheers Banjo

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What appers yellow probably used to be white..   Colors  according 74`ke3 diagram   External regulator.:

White Green -  F

White Black - E (ground)

White Lightblue - N

White (a seperate fatter one, not part of the plug) B

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