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KE20 front struts


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Hi Everyone,

I have just purchased a KE20 to restore and this is my first ever post.

My front struts are leaking. Is it possible to buy inserts for these for i have to get them rebuilt.

It has standard suspension and want to keep it this way.  

What sort of costs am I looking at?

Any advice much appreciated. 


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hey k3twent, welcome :)


you can generally buy the inserts, check rockauto.com. you can also buy the inserts from monroe (the gt gas series from memory works), kyb also do direct factory replacements

something like this search will help, obviously search for the year and style of your car as this search is for my car: 



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i just purchased some kyb for my ke26 wagon and they we $36 per shock and the shipping was about $30 all in AUD.

but looking at the monroe website, you can find the struts that should fit your car. 

if you are in australia then monroe list the 805014MM  



doing a little google you can pick them up from $100-$160. the $160 was from supercheapauto if that helps

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