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KE36 Wagon - finally some upgrades.


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For the passed 5 years I have dailyd my 36 wags. Was long overdue for some love but between living out of home and working full time it never quite got the love it deserved. Thanks to COVID I didn’t have to worry about either of those things. So, here’s a pretty comprehensive list of all the work I’ve done over the passed couple of months. Only a couple things left to do to the rear springs then I’m sorted. Note I’m not a mechanic at all, just a hobby. Had to pop her in for a rust quote the other day. Hopefully it doesn’t stop my heart. Thanks! :) 



- new leads 

- new spark plugs 

- new spark plug seals 

- new rotor

- new coil

- new resistor 

- new dizzy cap

-new fuel filter 

-new cam cover gasket 

-$250 total 



-carb service kit installed $80

-new power valve installed $80

-new adapter gaskets $7 


20/04/2020 | 73083kms 

-gearbox oil change $90 



New gear shift boot $36



New rear main seal and gasket $40

New sump gasket $30

New alternator $180

New clutch kit $136

Cleaned engine 



new alloy radiator $240

New heater hoses 

New oil 

New coolant 



new oil pressure switch $14

Two new lower ball joints $100 

Front sway bar link washers $20 



Second hand front strut inserts -6 months old/new springs/dust covers/strut mounts 



HEL brake lines installed $280 

New brake fluid $22 

New tyres $170



second hand rear shocks $33 - 1-2 years old 

Rear shock upper bushings 

Rear sway bar bushings and washers 







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Hi Mason,

                   Thanks for the pics !  You really have been busy on your KE36 recently.   What  region of NSW are you located ?

I actually had  a KE36, exactly the same as yours, years ago.  It actually was white also.   Went to Rolla heaven years ago.  Died of the dreaded "cancer".

Has yours really only got  73K klms on the clock ?  Definitely, worth looking after.

I'm a presuming it has a 4 speed manual gearbox ?   If so, an upgrade to a 5 speed, from a KE70, would make it very pleasurable to drive.

Cheers Banjo


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Hey Banjo! 

I’m in Sydney, yes unfortunately the rust is an ongoing issue. I am keen on getting it sorted as I’d rather not let it fall apart any longer haha. Keen to hold onto her for as long as I can. Luckily for me it’s all panel, floor pan is extremely solid which is a relief. 

Ahh unfortunately not. Judging by some old service receipts it’s gone around the clock once at least. My interior suggests it’s more likely to be 173,XXX, can’t imagine it’s gone around twice as I’ve got no wear on the inside at all. 

Someone went ahead and already did that for me before I purchased. Very happy to have the 5 speed for the freeways. 


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Hi Mason,



Very happy to have the 5 speed for the freeways. 

                  There are two types of 5 speed boxes available for the your KE Series.  There was one that came out of KE55 Coupes (about 1979), that has the gear shifter coming out through the floor, in the exact same spot as the 4 speed.  There is the 5 speed GB out of the KE70, that has the extension on the rear, so that the shifter point is further back. This is probably the preferred option, but does require cutting a hole in the floor, & changing the rear gearbox mount & cross brace, to the KE70 one.  Both these options are a straight bolt up to a 3K-4K-5K engine.

Just keep searching, & you may come across one.  I got one, from a guy several years ago on the Gold Coast who was cleaning out a garage, because they were moving.  He only wanted

$100 for it.  When I inspected it, on the garage floor, it was attached to a 4KC engine.   I said I'll take it, so you'll have to unbolt it for me.  Bugger that, he says . . . just take the lot.

Luckily, I had the trailer on behind my car, so we slid engine & gearbox, up into the trailer, & I was off,  in case he changed his mind.  Turns out the 4K was in good nick, so I'll mark that purchase down with a big tick against it !

Only issue with the 5 speed boxes are that parts for repair of same are getting very rare, including bearings.

Cheers Banjo

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