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Altezza for sale

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(Sold in theory- the first guy that saw it offered $9k, and seeing I had to drive to Lithgow to meet him it was good enough. Of course since then someone else has offered $10K.... It will sell !  )


1999, I bought it in 2001 in NZ with 25,000km on. Now has 207000, it was a garage queen for years, as suiting the car that started Altezzaclub as 'Greeneyes', then saw more use when we moved to Aussie in 2007.

Immaculate inside, never crashed, the paint at the front is chipped as expected from NSW country roads. Aftermarket rear sway, cross-strut bar, TRD clutch & flywheel. Rego until early next year sometime.

Insured with Shannons for $13K, start talking around $10K and see how we go, I'll actually advertise it in Carsales & Gumtree in a week or two.  I'll take some current photos before then, these are when we moved over except the last which is a month back.

Such a classic shape!  I'd like to keep it but there are far too many cars at home now.


OK, here are current photos-






dr front ext.jpg

pass rear ext.jpg

Dr rear int.jpg

Dr front int.jpg


Engine bay.jpg

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lol!  I never thought it would have anything but a 3SGE  & a 6-speed..   You're right, you could option a 1GFE, or 15" wheels, or sunroof, or leather interior..  You could make it exactly as an IS200 came off the assembly line except for the Lexus badge and grille.  By far the most common are 3SGE with auto or manual, the nose weight balance is much better that way.

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Yes, a youngish new immigrant from Sydney saw it in Gumtree & he is a Toyotaphile that just had to have it.  Added to his old Crown & a Cresta.

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