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Just brought a ke25 delux coupe

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Hi rollaclub people, 

I jave just purchased a 1974 ke25 delux coupe,

Just wanted to know where you all source your parts 

Need some interior parts and body panels.

I am located in Queensland but don't mind postage on items 

Keen to hear your input 


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Congrats on your purchase, and welcome. Ideally your best bet is to try and find a parts car, but they are few and far between.  If you need specific parts, it can be a long, hard and expensive process. Everyone wants grilles, bonnets, grille filler panels and front guards.  As well as the plastic corner trims and tail light surrounds. 

interior stuff is a bit easier

Put a list of what you need in the wanted to buy sub forum and see what turns up. Unfortunately a lot of it involves trawling various Facebook pages, gumtree, ebay and yahoo japan. 

Mechanicals are not to hard to find. 

Expect to be asked eye watering prices and go from there. 

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Hi Mark,

              Welcome aboard !  Is the car registered & road worthy, or is that to come ?

A picture tells a thousand words, so when you are after something in particular, then a picture assists, as to where it goes on the car.  Would love to see some pics of your car.  Deluxe Corolla coupes of that vintage, are becoming very hard to find, in good condition.

Which are of Queensland, are you located ?

P.S.  There is a wrecker down in NSW, in Minto or Campbelltown, that another member on here found a few parts parts, a year or so ago.  Apparently, this wrecker grabs any KE20/25s he can get hold of.  I'll see if I came find the name of the wrecker for you.

Cheers Banjo


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Thanks for welcome guys 

So this was a absolutely bargain of a buy and is mostly complete all the outside trims are their and in tack just a few cracked side lenses. Has a few easy rust repairs. 

It is really the interior that is missing has front seats only. Have found new carpet and new headliner but struggling to find rear seats 

The bonnet is probably going to be the biggest struggle I don't think their is enough integrity in the front lip of the bonnet to repair. 

Will upload some pics when I fiqure out how 🤣 




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You are very unlikely to find a better bonnet unfortunately.  Best bet is to get it repaired.  It's also missing the trim across the front of the bonnet which will be difficult to find.

Be very careful if you are removing any of the plastic trim, it will be pretty fragile.

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