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Radiator/Cooling Help

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Thank you gentlemen for all input and thoughts. For now, as I've stated, I will install headers and my friend will be making me an exhaust. You guys have any suggestions on the size I should go with? I know my exhaust is restricted and I can tell there's an exhaust leak. My muffler has a bit of corrosion and rust with a small hole. The carburetor question is something I'm not sure about. Idk if taking it for a good cleaning is best or just getting a Weber swapped in. Also heard Mikuni carbies are good. 


I'm just torn between keeping it original or modifying it.


Many think I should keep it original because of the conditions it's in. But a big part of me wants to turn it into a sports car because that's what I've always wanted.

I've even thought would it be worth more money later leaving it as it is original? And instead, buy a different project car to build? I'm just torn here gentlemen haha. Thanks for all your opinions and inputs and for answering my questions. 

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"buy a different project car to build"  If you can, then yes!  Get something cheap, very average and ratty and use it to learn on. Do the motor up, change the suspension and hit the autocross circuits!


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Hi Misael,



I'm just torn between keeping it original or modifying it.

I know just where you are coming from.

Your totally original acquisition looks to be in extremely good condition, for it's age; & results from the extremely low usage over it's life, by a "little olde lady", who only used it to go to the shops.

I have no idea, how much a car like this is worth in the USA, but it is the land, where if someone wants something, they will pay dearly.

It may be a case of thinking outside the box.

What if:    You had the car professionally cleaned & polished, & brought back to totally best condition, so the car is genuine, & is in excellent appearance & presentation.  

Possibility no: 1

You take it to a car show where there are lots of cars of that era or genre, & lots of people viewing, who are potential buyers.  You put a for sale sign in the window & see what transpires.

Possibility no: 2

You approach Toyota dealerships, with show rooms, which might jump at an olde original, immaculate Corolla, to place on the show room floor as a drawcard, & talking point.

Possibility no: 3

Sell it to a business, who wants to be recognized, while it is used for small deliveries, or the like, to which they can add their brand name, & a logo like "Good Olde Fashioned Service" or the like.

You might be pleasantly surprised how much it may be worth, to the right person. You could then use those funds to buy a project car of your choice, with  which you can learn, & have some fun with.

Cheers Banjo



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