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Oil pan 4k engine

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Hi guys! I was going to change the oil on my toyota ke70 but I damaged the nut, and now I need to remove the oil pan to be able to remove the nut, I already unscrewed the oil pan nuts but now it is hitting a place and I can't remove it
Someone can help me?

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Hi Mate,

but I damaged the nut

    By "nut", do you mean the oil drain plug ?  Have have you damaged it ?  Photo please.  If you have a plug that a spanner or wrench won't fit the hex, any longer, because it is damaged, then it is not going to help by removing the sump, as the oil drain plug does not extend inside the sump.  As long as there is some on the plug left, you should be able to put a "grip-all" type  wrench on it, & get it off.  A sharp cold chisel, on the edge, might also help just get the tension off it.



You could get someone to weld a bar across it, to give you some leverage, as long as the sump plug is iron, although this technique is a bit risky on an engine, with lots of oil & petrol around.

Last resort, would be to grind the plug flat, centre punch the centre of the plug, & drill a hole right through the middle.  Be careful when breaking through, as the oil will drain out.  After the oil has drained out, drill the hole to a larger size, & fit a large "easi-out"  reverse type tap.

Hope one of those suggestions works for you.

If none of those suggestions assist, then Google might be your best friend.

Removing Damaged Sump Plugs

Cheers Banjo          

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"I damaged the nut"

What sort of 'damaged'?  Stripped the thread or rounded it off?? 

If you have to take the sump off take the 4 studs right out of the timing chain cover at the front. When you put it back on, use bolts instead of studs. Its a dog to get the sump off without lifting the motor on a jack and tying it up .

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