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Ultimate k motor - Brand new build Price drop

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73mm 4k crank
79mm forged OS pistons
Forged rods
4k block
3k bigport head
TRD head chamber profile
OS SS 1pc valves
HD matched valve springs
Special guides
Light port
Arp head stud conversion kit
Custom fibre head gasket x2
Vernier adjustable timing dual row
Vernier cam cover plate on timing cover
High volume oil pump
Baffled sump
Chromoly lightweight flywheel
HD modified fibre clutch
Electric recurve dizzy (no recurve yet)
Comp 11:1 static
Reground camshaft mild
Variety of cams can be used
Twin carb match ported manifold
Needs carbs and exhaust to suit cam
Solex 40's and redline exhaust available
Parts and machining over 6k
Brand new, minor assembly needed
Build for race and rally
Reliable build
Professionally machined
Probably some other things...
Offers around 4k considered
Pickup Brisbane
Possible shipping interstate


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Members dont see this ad

That is a "dream listing"  !


Offers around 4k considered

4K for a 4K; how poetical.

So sad to see you've got to let it go, after all the work you've put into it.

I wish the "4k" in your ad, stood for PNG kina currency.


At todays rate, that would make it worth about AUD 1,530, & I'd be around to your place, before I could put the phone down.

Good luck with the sale.  How did you go with the body shell ?  Did it sell ?

I was tempted, but with 5 cars in my driveway, another would have triggered divorce proceedings, which should be avoided at all costs.

Cheers Banjo




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Motor can make different power curves and top end depending on camshaft profile, there's diminishing power under the curve as top end increases... Also increasing top end will move the powerband up the rpm range and gear ratios would need tightening to suit... Look as far as I could predict theres potential to double factory hp at the top end but driveability is the compromise... Depends on what you want to use it for with camshaft to suit, it was built with that in mind, the be adaptable with reliability. 

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