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Owner: Dan


Location:Oregon, USA

Vehicle Name:Surreptitious

Vehicle Model:AE71

Body Shape (# Doors):2 Door coupe, aka sport coupe

Date Made:

VIN: JT2AE72CXD2000077

Colour: white

Engine:originally 4AC, now 170hp 4AGE



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67Rolla-Ken, fancy a drive across the Nullabour.. bring your car to All Jap Day in Adelaide in a couple weeks!

I'd love to...but the new bub can't legally travel in the Rolla (no rear seat belts). Not to mention I have work. :-(

Edited by 67Rolla-Ken

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An update I now have two ke 10's


Owner: Pat

Username: KO 10

Location: Moss Vale

Vehicle name: Milky

Vehicle model: KE 10

Body : two door

Date Made: -67

Vin: 232267

Colour: White

Engine: 4agze+20V


Vehicle name: Binky

Vehicle model: KE 10

Body: two door

Date made: -69

Vin: ke-10~396971

Colour: white/blue/green/goldy brown

Engine: stock 4k



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Owner: Daniel
Username: RAT_SECA
Location: Queensland, Australia
Vehicle Name: ..
Vehicle Model: AE94
Body Shape (# Doors): Liftback
Date Made: ?
VIN: 6T164AE9409641496
Colour: Factory silver, Now blue
Engine: 4AFE



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