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Well, they did the job OK..  That's all we put in the Purple People Eater for Steve, but Josh uses them to make the body rigid.  The speeds are higher these days, acceleration is much better and WRC is just astounding to watch, but looking at Racing Fail or Chopito each Friday night shows that cage damage is pretty rare even in some big crashes. We bought a wrecked Evo3 that had been imported as a rally car from Japan and hit a tree on the front driver's corner really hard. The cage broke as the tree came into the steering dept, and you could see the rust in the tube. The body was a rustbucket with fibreglass over the floor to hide it, I'm amazed the crew survived.


It doesn't seem to take much to make a car strong enough to survive a big impact.  One day I'll measure the torsional rigidity before and after fitting a cage, and then after putting in the gussets that attach the cage to the body.  Up the windscreen A pillars, across the rear seat floor, & on the B pillars.

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Well, things slowed down over the month, Josh had a job that actually paid money and the Evo5 was just getting bigger and bigger!  The body was sprayed except for doors & guards, and the re-assembly commenced.  Its actually very difficult to build a car without scratching the new paintwork.. Josh's dad is onto the wiring with his bro & I've been making the 7-piece rear firewall. Motor and mechanicals are mainly in, front & rear suspension, fuel & brake setups..


..and the first Whiteline Tarmac Sprint is next week!  So, in reality we will roll in the Evo3 gravel car on Monday for a check-over, and take that to Sydney on Thursday.

Of course with the Troll being used as a test-bed for the tray we're building we figured it was a good time to fix the head gasket leak. Its now got a new head on and with a few more days work it will be ready for a Christmas break.


Josh welded up a lot of the spotwelds holding the tray together, but then it was just too tempting as  flat surface!


So...  Evo5 finished for the Whiteline events early next year, finish the tray, finish the Subaru cage sitting in the back shed and THEN onto KE70s!!  (this is getting slower than Project Binky and not as entertaining!)

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January & back into it!  That custom tray has finally left the workshop, it goes on a Patrol that is 12years old and never been registered. Someone bought a pair of them and kept on to do up, but never got around to it, and the current owner bought it to do the same. So its never even been dealer-prepared, it went straight to a farm on a delivery truck.

The Evo5 is getting close, the firewall is in and awaiting sealing-


The fuel system is done-


All the work is in the wiring-


We started on the Subaru again last week, and this week should see that cage finished. Then its Cake time!

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