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Searching for a KE25 Center Console (long)


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You long ago missed the chance of picking up a reasonably priced long console.

And please tell me you are not naive to believe they are available new.....  edit: having said that I plugged the number into Amayama and it came up as $798.38.  That doesn't guarantee it is available, and I expect if you queried it they would come back and say NLA.  But if you do, and it is - tell me first.

But as you asked, the part number is 58810-12080 superseded by 58810-19055.  Unfortunately my part book only has the numbers for the wood grain version.

If you find one, bear in mind it comes with four brackets, +/- clock and radio.  They have a weak point just ahead of the handbrake and are often cracked.  Also very common for them to be cut up, drilled into.

Best bet is to get very lucky on yahoo Japan, or try New Zealand forums.

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Hi Pete,

thanks for your feedback. If I had known more than 4 months ago that I would still get a KE25, I would have set one aside in time. :D

Of course I realize that I won't get a new one. But maybe i get even more results through the numbers. 
But maybe I'm lucky and somewhere in a forgotten warehouse in Germany there is still one lying around.

800$ or even 1000$ I would be willing to pay for it. But the only one on Ebay is currently for 2.5k and that's just too much for it.

Thanks for your tip with the weak points. If I'm lucky enough to find one, I'll keep it in mind.

Can you possible send me the link for the forum? Here in Germany I'm more or less a lonesome wolf with the car. :D

I will have an eye on yahoo japan


Thanks again for the response

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No problem Philipp

I'm in the fortunate position of having been searching for parts for 15 yrs or so. Parts were a little more available, and substantially cheaper for much of that time (generally).

Things have gone crazy the last 2 - 3 years.  i was fortunate to find a complete uncut console with all the brackets, clock and radio.  I think I paid about $AUD 375 plus container shipping from Japan.  That was a while ago!


I'm not on the NZ forums, and it looks like they may have stopped activity anyway.  This was the main one I believe:  http://www.club-k.co.nz/Forums/  It is still accessible to search, but is no longer active

I mention NZ as they received KE25 equipped to SL spec in the early 70's, so some potential for finding one there. 

The NZ online auction site is called Trademe https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/?bof=jnPRNXjI    As ever, it's buyer beware.  Long time since I bought anything there, but experience was variable.  There is a guy in NZ, goes by the name of Modify who is worth chasing up.  He was a good guy, with a strong interest in these cars and happy to source and ship things.  He is well aware of what things are worth, and occasionally sourced and sold the bits people are always after, including consoles, clusters, steering arms, pedal boxes and crossmembers.  He is/was on Rollaclub forum so if you message him he may still reply.  Modify also had a tie in to Grant Donaldson, famous for his seat covers

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