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WTB - Stock 3K for KE20


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Getting a bit hard to find now.   Any 3Ks still running out there, would almost have have been reco'd at some time.  I understand your desire to keep it original, but you would probably have a much better chance of picking up a common 4K-C; which were a lot more plentiful, & a bit more powerful.

Either way, unless you can find someone with a 3K or 4K that has been rebuilt at some time, in relatively recent years; you are probably having to get the engine reco'd, anyway, unless you can score a "barn find".    I got a 3K once, with genuine 96Klms, driven by  . . . . . .  yes, . . . a little olde lady.  However, it had been used so little, it had a lot of crud built up inside the water jacket, around the usual no: 4 cylinder, & before too long, piston no: 4 broke up.  Horrible sight, when I took the head off.  It had a 2 speed auto behind it, so little olde lady, couldn't have possibly thrashed it !

Let's know if you score one, & prove me wrong !

Cheers   Banjo


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