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AE86 Fuel Pump in AE71 with 4AGE


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Hi guys,

Looking for some advice on how to connect an AE86 fuel pump to the hard lines in my AE71?

I purchased a stock fuel AE86 fuel pump and can't work out what adapters/fittings I need to connect the sender hard line at the back of the car. I've just purchased a Raceworks Female An-8 To Barb 3/8In... I was then planning on using an adapter to get the hose down the hard line size... I'm not confident this is the best approach though.

What have you guys done in the past?



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I can't find a photo of what I did, but I expect I cut that barb off and used flexible lines on those pipes to get onto the hard lines. Yours is still low pressure at that point isn't it?  My high pressure pump is in the engine bay, so the high pressure line is very short.  There is very little pressure in the low pressure side as the return to the tank from the surge tank bleeds any pressure off.

That connection only has to be as good as the two sprung clamps on the little hose off the pump, both see the same pressure.

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