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Ke70 olympic edition

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Hi guys I've got a 84 ke70 olympic edition I'm looking at selling. It's olympic gold no.4 Just wondering if people know how much there worth atm and what we be reasonable to ask for it. Does have a little bit of surface rust and some rust passenger side a pillar. Also missing diff and tailshaft. Want to know what an expert reckons it could be worth.






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Well, if it was reliably running and registered its probably worth $5000-6000.  Take a look in Gumtree.  I don't think being an Olympic Edition adds much, its just as likely to get chopped into a fuly sik drifter by some kid.

Not being rego'd knocks it back a lot, the person buying it doesn't know whether it will cost $1000 or $3000 to get it regoe'd.  Then the rust is always worth a lot more work & money than what it seems at the start.  Finding a good diff & tailshaft isn't too bad, $500 should cover that.

So its really a shell with no dents, it was worth $400 about 6years ago when we bought a pair of them for $800, not rusty, not rego'd but running. It was worth about a $1000 at the beginning of covid, and by now you should get $1000-$1500 for it. Get it driving around and its worth a lot more, at least the person buying it knows the motor runs, the clutch & gearbox are OK, the brakes all work...  there's a big difference there.

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I note the number plates, appear to be of South australia origin. Is the 1984 KE70, still in S.A. or elsewhere. Is it's present abode, in the shed as pictured; in the city or a regional area.  The reason I ask, is that it's going to be difficult, for the buyer, to move & transport, without a diff & rear wheels.

I totally agree with Altezzaclub, that the addition of a diff & tailshaft, & getting it running, will probable double the price it is worth right now, as is.

However, after all these years, I've learnt; if there is someone out there despareately searching for a project like this, with nothing seriously missing, sometimes the heart controls the mind, & you'll be pleasantly surprised what someone will pay.  For a 38 year olde car, it looks pretty straight, & I'm impressed with the state of the front & rear bumper bars.

Let's know how it goes.  God luck !

Cheers Banjo



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Olympic Gold edition isn't something really special more of a curiosity.  I saw a mint 33000k olympic gold one go for about 4 grand a few years ago from a deceased estate.  Ill try to add a pic.  Should make the condition argument for yours pretty well.





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