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Clunky Window

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Hi,been a while...

Question....How do you remove the little Clip on the window winder?

as I have this 'Clunk" sound every time I turn a corner

sounds like something loose and hits the window inside the Driver-side door?

I got this u shaped tool from Supacheap...but I can't get it..

is there a trick or special way to get it out ?( I pulled eveything else off but this pin)

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Hi Neil,

              I gather you are referring to these little clips, that hold the window winder handle in place ?


You need to make a simple hook, out of an olde thin wire coat-hanger.   Push the door panel in hard, just above the handle, & you will be able to hook the pin on it's loop, & extract it.  Has always worked for me.

P.S.  A thin long nosed pliers can also be useful.

Hope that assists !

Cheers Banjo

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