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Ke20 wipers


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Hi guys. Does the ke20 have 2 wiper speeds? When I pull the wiper button it has 2 clicks but both are the same slow speed. When I got the car The second click out stopped the wipers all together but that is fixed as I found there was a loose wire. I was expecting the wipers to be faster on the second click. Does this mean the wiper motor is busted?

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I've only got the wiring for a KE70, but I expect they are similar. The motor is where the speed is controlled, the +1 and +2,  so you need to check if you have a blue/orange (L/O) & blue/black (LB) taking power to the motor when its all turned on. Your colours might be different.  The S pole is the self-park & flash power for the washers, so you get the one wipe then park.

If you don't get power from the LB then you know the problem is in the switch.  Stick a temporary power wire into the LB and see if it speeds up, then you know if the motor is good (or not).

Take the wiper arms off if you haven't already and oil the many joints and pivots...

Wiper wiring.jpg

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