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RT85 Engine swap help

RT Rookie

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Hello, I I have a 1972 Corona RT85 and the 18r engine is dead. What would be a good swap for the car that can be done by a noob. lol.

 I’ve seen some have upgraded to a 22r but I would like to go with something less heavy and the I can find parts for easily. Any guidance and guides would be great. Thanks

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4AGE is the only option, but expensive with the cult tax. 1600cc, light on fuel, light in weight, gets you a decade ahead in engine design age, but it all depends on how worn that particular motor you get is.  Needs a T50 gearbox, the KE70 should have come out with one right from the start.

You could hunt for a 5K, but they're a lot harder to find and a decade of design earlier. Even more-so for T motors, never so many on the road.

In the back of my mind I have Mazda MX5 for when the 4AGE gives up, there just isn't any other RWD 4cyl with a good gearbox anywhere. They can be 1.6L 1.8 or 2L, all in RWD.  If you want to go to 2L, the Altezza 3SGE is popular, but its a very tall motor.


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I wonder what the 3rz-fe is like in Na form, basically the spiritual successor to the 22re. came from the petrol hiluxs from about 1995 onwards. 2.7L too. 

people do silly things with them turbo, but NA they must be alright. 

unfortunately anything 4age, T50 and ae86 related is becoming quite hard to find, and if you do its $$ and still needs to be rebuilt!


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I have a 3RZ in my 2 wheel drive Hilux ute and I can attest they are a mighty engine. I roll with about 500 kg of tools and materials in the back and it pulls hard all the way through the rev range from go to whoa. I get about 10 litres per 100 Ks but it is mostly highway driving.

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