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Toyota 4K Igniter Wiring

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Hello, I am using this igniter which came on a Corolla DX I think, for my corolla Ke50 with 3k engine.

This is a CDI type one.

It has 6 Wires coming out of it. And only 4 are used, does any one know how they are connected.

Pink - To Distributor
White - To Distributor

White - Coil Positive
Light Green - ?
Light Blue - ?
Black- Coil Negative

Thank you.





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I checked the wire's with multimeter, green one seems to be negative and blue one has 12v when ignition switch is on, but when engine starts the voltage varies, can it be a line to RPM meter? The RPM meter I have has a negative pulse input, so can't check with it.

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I'm not sure how similar these systems are, they must be about the same age.  This is on my early 4AGE motor-

Here's the theory-



Here's the diagram-



Here's what it looks like-


and here are the colours on mine.  One wire was cut off when I got it.


As you can see, the colours don't agree with the diagram, Toyota were busy making a lot of different ignition/ECU systems doing the same work around the early 1980s I think, its always very confusing.  I took my tacho off the coil negative.

I've never seen electronic ignition on a KE70 so I'm not much help for you I'm afraid.


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Man !  Is that complicated. That was leading edge technology, back 30-40 years ago.  However, the risk, with getting this system going; is that if & when some component in the ignition system, fails in the future; there will be a very high likelihood, of not being able to source the spare part at all, to make it work again.

I also love getting olde things working again; however, there is a limit.

There are plenty of trigger modules etc, that will fit inside existing dissy's, such that it appears to be "olde school", but will perform much better.

Now take this guy !  I watched this video recently, & it was painful, to watch His efforts. However, He got there; & that was probably all He wanted.


Then there was this one, which many of you have watched.  10 million plus views on utube, but I loved reading the comments left by viewers !  


Cheers Banjo


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Oh I love you guys altezzaclub, Banjo.

Thank you very much for always helping out and sharing knowledge. Which is a very rare good quality.

I simply need to attach the tacho, nothing complex than that, I used a CB type distributor previously and I managed to change the advance curve of that with the help of the guide posted by altezzaclub, which worked : ) Then we had this CDI type dizzy and was lying around and recently when we went to see a mechanic to tune our carb he managed to fit it to the car. Now because the dizzy is sending pulses instead of switching can't fit the tacho : )

Tacho is a one i found from a old dashboard and it needs negative pulses to work. It worked fine for the previous dizzy, need to find a way to connect it to this.

Thank you again for comments :)

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Most tachos, work by connecting the pulse train input wire for the tacho, to the negative terminal of the coil, which was traditionally, in a CB dissy; simply connected to the points.  You could try simply connecting it to the negative terminal of your coil.  If that doesn't work, then try the IGt signal. That is a nice square wave, & has some dwell information in there, as a result of the width of the pulse, which will not make any difference to the tacho reading, as it is only interested in the frequency, of the pulse train..  I notice that the ignitor in the diagram above, does have a "TAC" output, but as there is no wire colours depicted, that may make it difficult to identify, unless there are some markings on the ignitor itself. If you had access to a CRO, or a multimeter, that measures frequency, then you could probe around, until you found a signal that changes frequency with RPM.  Unfortunately, I've never come across one of these Toyota ignition systems in my travels, so don't have any personal experience.  Strangely, when I built the ignition system in my KE30 Corolla, years ago, I instigated a similar system, where under starting conditions, the coil is sent a signal at base ignition timing, of 10-12 degrees BTDC. Once the engine is running, the ignition system, then switches over to the electronic advance system. It does have the advantage, that the engine starts instantly always; & if your ignition system ECU & ignitor fail altogether, you can flick a switch, & get on home, in "limp mode", with just the base   10-12 degree advance.  Somewhere on this forum, I described this system, years ago.  I'll see if I can find it.

Here it is . . . . . .     


Cheers Banjo




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