Emission System Abbreviations

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Emission Systems Abbreviations

The following are a list of abbreviations used when discussing Toyota Emission Control Systems.


AAP - Auxiliary Acceleration Pump.

AI - Air Injection.

AS - Air Suction.

ASV - Air Switching Valve.

BDC - Bottom Dead Center.

BTDC - Before Top Dead Center.

BVSV - Bimetal Vacuum Switching Valve.

CB - Choke Breaker.

CCo - Catalytic Converter for Oxidation.

CCro - Catalytic Converter for Reduction and Oxidation.

CLD - Chemi-Luminescence Detector.

CMH - Cold Mixture Heater.

CVS - Constant-Volume Sampler.

DP - Dash Pot.

EBCV - Electric Bleed Control Valve.

EEC - European Economic Community.

ECS - Emission Control System.

ECU - Electronic Control Unit (Computer).

EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation.

EVAP - Evaporative (Emission Control) System.

EX - Exhaust.

FID - Flame Ionization Detector.

GVW - Gross Vehicle Weight.

HAC - High Altitude Compensation.

HAI - Hot Air Intake.

HIC - Hot Idle Compensation.

IG - Ignition.

ITCV - Intake Air Temperature Compensating Valve.

MC - Mixture Control.

NDIR - Non-Dispersive Infared.

OC - Oxidation Catalyst.

OVCV - Outer Vent Control Valve.

PCV - Positive Crankcase Ventilation.

PPM - Parts Per Million.

SC - Spark Control.

SW - Switch.

TDC - Top Dead Center.

TP - Throttle Positioner.

TVSV - Thermostatic Vacuum Switching Valve.

TWC - Three-Way Catalyst.

TWC-OC - Three-Way Catalyst and Oxidation Catalyst.

VCV - Vacuum Control Valve.

VSV - Vacuum Switching Valve.

VTV - Vacuum Transmitting Valve.

w/ - With.

w/o - Without.

Chemical Symbols

Ar - Argon.

C - Carbon.

C8H18 - Octane (Petrol).

CO - Carbon Monoxide.

C02 - Carbon Dioxide.

H - Hydrogen.

HC - Hydrocarbon.

H2O - Water.

N2 - Nitrogen.

NOx - Oxides of Nitrogen (NO, NO2, N2O, N2O3 etc).

O2 - Oxygen.

O3 - Ozone.

Pb - Lead.

S - Sulfur.

SO2 - Sulfur Dioxide.

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