KE1x kmh Cluster

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Originally by [Jono.C]:

I pulled my Ke10 dash cluster apart and removed the MPH speedo dial with the intention of scanning it in and making a kmh one, When i had an idea..

I found a KE20 dash cluster I had laying around my house, and pulled that apart as well, and sure enough.. it'll fit!

KE10 and 20 dial faces.jpg

It all lines up, 60mph is where 100mkh is etc etc it's all sweet!

And, Fits straight in!

KE10 cluster kmh.jpg

No mods needed, Went straight back together and looks factory

KE10 cluster kmh assembled.jpg

Sweet!! Now I know what you'll say, it wont be accurate, but, from 40kmh up it is. It's just because of the KE20's '0' is in a different spot to KE10's so the low speeds wont be right.