Maintenance:Suspension/Control Arm Bushes

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For every one who has tried these things are a biatch to get in. I found a rather easy way to replace them. So here it is.

What you will need:

Hammer Vice 1 1/2" metal tubing Something to brace middle of control Arm (will explain down the track) You’re new Bushes Your old control arms

The fist thing you will need to do is get the old ones out. This is done simply by leaving them out in the sun for about an hour so there hot to the touch. Then bash the crap out of the small end. You will notice that one is smaller.

Now to get your new ones in. These are the items I used for mine. The metal tubing was my old exhaust I still had lying around; it is perfect for pressing in the bush.

Bits You Need

First push the new bush into the arm as far as it will go. Next cut a section of your 1 1/2" piping so it covers the large end of the bush.

Like So Metal Tubing And again

Next, place another longer piece of pipe on the other side of the arm, were the bush sticks out. Now place this arrangement into the vice

  • Make sure the tube dose not fowl the bush

Other Side Vice

Now pack the inside of the arm with metal to stop them flexing. When it flex it leads to much complication, as it will get harder and harder to push it in until you’re vice brakes.......


Now tighten up the vice until the bush is completely in.

There you go. Easy