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When converting your SOHC to a DOHC EFI it is a lot easier to buy a car that has being damaged or the body is too rusty to use.

This list covers what you should be using in the swap.

Wiring: You will need the ECU, engine harness, engine bay harness, dash harness and the rear body harness as this covers the power for the tank, you may need to splice the tail light wiring into the new harness or pin the fuel pump wiring into your existing loom.

Fuel System: You will need the fuel tank from the twincam as it has a swirl pot design that the pump sits in and use the twincam filler neck.

Fuel & Brake Lines: You are better off undoing the lines in one go instead of taking a tube out of it ad installing them into the receiving car.

Brake System: You will need to to use the twincam brake master cylinder.

Suspension/Driveline: Take the full suspension system off the front in one go - Strut assembly, brakes, hub and drive shaft.

You will need the same from the rear (apart from the obvious drive shaft).

Exhaust: Fairly obvious but you will need to use the 4age exhaust, the seca and sedan share the same length exhaust but the hatch is only the same up until the rear wheel.

Swaybar: The SOHC body's don't come with a front swaybar but have the provisions for one, use the one from the twincam.

Now of course, if you have all that done then you only have to install the engine, gearbox and oil cooler.

I will however update this thread with my next twincam conversion.

Article by Trev.