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Panel Interchangeability

The ke70 was released in australia with two seperate front ends, there is the early model which is commonly refered to as the "flat" front, and there is the late model which is commonly refered to as the "slanty" or "slat" front.

The early model of ke70 runs from 1981? to 1983? (confrim), the following is an example of the early model ke70:

<insert photo>

The late model ke70 runs from 1983? to 1984? (confirm), the following is an example of the early model ke70.

<insert photo>

The front ends of the ke70 are almost interchangable and the following is a guide on what is required to do the conversion.

The early model is (by some) considered the more desirable front end, so this guide focuses on the conversion of a late mode (slant) to an early model (flat) front end

The parts required for this conversion are as follows:

  • Guards
  • Bonnet
  • beaver panel (panel between the guards, along the front of the car)
  • scuttle panel? (confirm) (panel between the windscreen and the bonnet)
  • headlights and parkers
  • repeater indicators on the guard
  • Radiator support (see note)

Radiator support

The radiator support panel is different between the early and late model ke70's. Thus the early model headlights will not bolt up to the late model radiator support panel

There are two options here. you can just drill new holes into the radiator support panel, or replace the panel with one from an early model ke70.

other than that though the panel conversion is a bolt on procedure. the guards have 10mm bolts down the sides, along with the beaver panel and the scuttle panel? (confirm). the bonnet bolts onto the original hinges with 2 x 10mm bolts on both sides.


The late model ke70 does not have the repeater indicators on the guards like the early model does. Thus in order to use the repeater indicators on the early model guards in a late model ke70 wiring must be added. The easiest way to do this is just to splice into the current indicator wiring for the extra repeater indicators.