Suspension:KE1x Suspension/Front Spring Upper Seats

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Front spring upper seats

In the KE1X Toyota made the top of the strut in multipul parts. The First part that holds the spring is the Upper seat.

This part held the spring in place on the top of the strut.

They weigh 195 grams and are constructed of mild steel.

The Toyota part number for the spring seat is 48471-12010 and two are required per car one on each strut.

A centre section of these lifted out and the centre section was the part that attached the seat to the shock asorber and sat against the upper bearing in the strut.In the Toyota parts catalog for KE1X the inner part is called the: Seat Sub-Assy, Bumper front

Picture below depicts the upper seat fully restored and with no inner section present. One spring seat is facing face down while the one on the right is facing up side down so you can see both sides. SEAT, front spring upper 48471-12010.JPG