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  • Early 4AC and 7AFE engines had six bolts on crankshaft to hold the flywheel on while the others all had eight bolts.
  • The AE86 and AE82 bigport 4AGE engines all had 40mm diameter big-end bearing diameters.
  • The AE92, AE101 & AE111 (japanese levin/trueno only) 4AGE smallport and 20 valve engines all had 42mm big-end bearing diameters.


4AGZE pistons are semi-forged and have ceramic tops. They can be bought new from about AU$80 each, So are a fair bit cheaper than aftermarket brand name forged items. They come in 8.0:1 and 8.9:1 Compression ratio sets. These pistons are capable of 200rwkw from a motor, so can't be to bad for a stock item.

4agze top resized.JPG

4agzeside resized.JPG

Here are some 100Kw 4AGE Pistons


Con Rods

Here is an example of Carillo "Formula Atlantic" Conrods to suit a 4AGE.


Here is a picture of some 100Kw 4AGE Rods



Article by Medicine_Man / Sam_Q

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